Baia del Marinaio Camping Village



These general rules, which are displayed at the entrance and inside the campsite, are necessary to guarantee everyone an orderly and peaceful use of the facility. Staying on the campsite implies full acceptance of these regulations, non-compliance with which will result in the offender being expelled from the campsite and, where applicable, being reported to the public authorities.

On arrival, guests must hand in an identity document at reception. A guest caught without being registered will be removed from the campsite and will be prosecuted for violation of the PS Regulations and the articles of the penal code: No. 614 trespassing, No. 633 invasion of land and buildings, No. 624 theft of services and the crime of contract fraud.

Visitors are admitted unless authorised by the Direction. They can enter only on foot and have to be welcomed at the reception by guests who already stay on the campsite.

In the period from 01.06. to 15.09. motor vehicles may only park in (unguarded) car parks and visibly display (on the driver’s side windscreen) the car pass handed in on arrival. The management is not liable for damage, theft or vandalism caused to vehicles.

Minors are not accepted unless accompanied by parents or persons having parental authority with whom they will stay during their stay. Parents, who are responsible for their children, undertake to enforce the regulations by ensuring that they behave in a polite and respectful manner without disturbing other campers. Unsupervised cycling is also forbidden. Extreme caution is required in the swimming pool. Anyone who does not behave appropriately will be turned away.

Children under 8 years should always be attended when they use the toilet, the swimming pool, the playground or during entertainment activities.

Dogs are accepted on condition that they are kept on a leash at all times. It is forbidden to take them to the swimming pool and the toilets. Dogs are only allowed in the bungalows with prior authorisation from the management. They are subject to payment of the tariff stated in the “Camping” price list.

It is strictly forbidden to damage the plants.

It is forbidden to enter the bathrooms during cleaning. We invite guests to leave toilets and sinks clean after use as a sign of politeness and civility.

Rubbish has to be wasted in the dust- bins inside the campsite.

Any noise, including a loud voice, is prohibited. The use of television and radio is permitted in extreme moderation.

It is strictly forbidden to put up fences of any kind around the place and to cover the pitch with curtains fastened to the trees or to the stakes.

Charcoal grill is allowed if smoke does not disturb neighbors and only if the weather conditions are favourable. Anyone who will cause a fire will be held liable for damages.

No responsibility is assumed by the Direction for lost or stolen objects and values which do not depend on the direct negligence of the Camping staff or for damages caused by natural events.

It is strictly forbidden to break or modify the electrical cabins. Each pitch is entitled only one current-tap. People who cause interruption of electricity have to pay damages to other campers and, eventually, to the campsite.

Playing soccer, boccia, volleyball or tennis is allowed only in the respective playfields. The use of sports- and game facilities is on your own risk.

The entrance to the swimming pool is ruled by the regulation at its entrance.

The staff of the campsite is bound to make all the people respect the rules.


We advise our guests to scrupulously observe the instructions given by the staff and set out in the following regulations. It is compulsory to shower before entering the water Access to the slide must take place in an orderly and safe manner, avoiding overcrowding both on the ramp and on the floor. Access to the slide with objects of any kind is not permitted. It is forbidden to dive, run and introduce balloons and inflatable toys into the water in general, and to play games unless organised by the entertainers.

Sun beds and deck chairs: extra charge and subject to their availability ( from June 1st to August 31st ) ailability.

Unattended or lost object left in the Swimming Pool area will be removed by our Staff.

In case of dangerous weather conditions, the Management reserves the right to close the Swimming Pool.

No responsibility is assumed by the Management for any collision and falls occurred in the Swimming Pool area and during water-games.

No responsibility is assumed by the Management for damages caused by negligence of the guests.

No responsibility is assumed by the Management for unattended or lost object left in the Swimming Pool area.

The Direction thanks you for cooperation and wishes you a nice stay.