Baia del Marinaio Camping Village



This regulation is exposed at the entrance and inside the campsite, and it is necessary to guarantee to everyone a stay as quiet and tidy as possible; entering constitutes an implicit acceptance of all these rules.

Upon arrival, the guests are required to show a valid identity document at the reception desk for check –in purposes as requested by the law. Its lack represents violation of the penal code. No registered-people will be thrown out of the campsite and will be subject to denunciation because of violation of the Regulation of Public Security as well as of the articles n° 614 (violation of home); n° 633 (invasion of grounds and buildings); n° 624 (theft of services) of the Penal Code and persecuted for the crime of contractual cheat.

Visitors are admitted unless authorised by the Direction. They can enter only on foot and have to be welcomed at the reception by guests who already stay on the campsite.

In the period from 01.06 until 15.09, it is not allowed to drive inside the camp- site. Cars have to be parked in the parking place (unguarded) at the entrance. It is possible to drive in the camp- site only on the day of arrival and the day of departure. The car-pass you receive on arrival has to be exposed visibly (on the windscreen at the driver side). The Direction is not responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism that might occur to vehicles.

Minors are not accepted unless together with their parents or people who have the paternal authority. Parents are held responsible for the behaviour of their children and agree to make them respect the general rules so that they can behave in an educated and respectful way without bothering other campers. It is forbidden to bike full-speed. Maximum caution is required at the swimming pool. The Direction reserves the right to get out of the campsite anyone who, in their unquestionable opinion, does damage or trouble the good proceeding of the community life.

Children under 8 years should always be attended when they use the toilet, the swimming pool, the playground or during entertainment activities.

Dogs are allowed but they have to be kept on a leash and do not disturb. It is strictly forbidden to bring them to the swimming pool or to the toilet building. Dogs are allowed in the bungalow but only under permission of the direction of the camp-site and under payment of the regular fare as in the price list “Camping.

It is strictly forbidden to damage the plants.

It is not allowed to enter the sanitary buildings during the cleaning. We invite our guests to leave toilets and washbasins as clean as possible after use as sign of good manners.

Rubbish has to be wasted in the dust- bins inside the campsite.

It is forbidden to make noise, even though a loud voice. Sound producing appliances such as television and radio have always to be kept at a low volume.

It is strictly forbidden to put up fences of any kind around the place and to cover the pitch with curtains fastened to the trees or to the stakes.

The use of charcoal barbecues is only permitted if they do not disturb neighbours and in favourable weather conditions. Any person who clumsily starts a fire will be held liable for the damage caused.

No responsibility is assumed by the Direction for lost or stolen objects and values which do not depend on the direct negligence of the Camping staff or for damages caused by natural events.

It is absolutely forbidden to tamper with or modify the electricity columns: each lay-by entitles you to only one socket. Whoever causes the power outage will be liable to pay compensation to the other campers and possibly also to the campsite.

It is forbidden to play football, bowls, volleyball, tennis, etc. outside the designated areas. The use of sports and leisure facilities takes place at the user’s own risk.

The entrance to the swimming pool is ruled by the regulation at its entrance.

The staff of the campsite is bound to make all the people respect the rules.


We kindly advise our customers to strictly follow the rules mentioned in this regulation and made applicable by our staff. You must take a shower before entering into the water. You must enter the slide carefully and paying attention that nobody else is the way. Avoid crowding the stairs and the floor by the slide. You cannot enter the slide with any kind of object. It is strictly forbidden plunging, running around the pool and entering in the water with balls or inflatable water toys. In any case avoid any game except when organized by the animation team.

Sun beds and deck chairs: extra charge and subject to their availability ( from June 1st to August 31st ) ailability.

Unattended or lost object left in the Swimming Pool area will be removed by our Staff.

In case of dangerous weather conditions, the Management reserves the right to close the Swimming Pool.

No responsibility is assumed by the Management for any collision and falls occurred in the Swimming Pool area and during water-games.

No responsibility is assumed by the Management for damages caused by negligence of the guests.

No responsibility is assumed by the Management for unattended or lost object left in the Swimming Pool area.

The Direction thanks you for cooperation and wishes you a nice stay.